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Monday, July 23, 2012

Ramadan Collections

Hello to my beautiful Blogger Friends,

As you all know that the month of Ramadan is in progress, today for many of us it's either third of fourth day of Ramadan. With 26 more days to go, here is my full collection of Ramadan Recipes... I am reposting all of these recipes for you...

Some of these items, I only make it during this month, like Haleem, Samosas etc. The others come and go per my mood. Do look into it and I am sure you will all love it!!!

Also see my recent posts like Badam Kheer, Samosa, & Dosa Pakoras...

  • Dahi Vada: With 16 and half hour long fasting, and heat, and work, and so much more, it is just impossible for one to act normally. This cool and delicious snack/iftar item will surely take away the heat from your body and will cool you down. A must try for this Ramadan!!!

  • Chicken Shami Kabab: This picture does not do a justice but it surely is a delicious iftar item for all the chicken lovers!!

  • Aloo Tikki: So you prefer something vegetarian??? No problem at all. Try this Aloo Tikki as is or in a sandwich, you will fall in love with it!!

  • Onion Pakoras - These are classic bhajiyas that one can make during Ramadan! If you are running out of time and ideas, then these will come to your rescue in no time!

  • Batata Vada (Aloo Vada): Another classic recipe for Ramadan.. Our family has a history of always running out of these vadas everytime we make 'em... why? we would be eating 'em as we make 'em.. they are so delicious and filling!!!!

  • Mirchi Bhajiyas (Chili Pakoras): You know, you can pretty much make pakoras out of any veggies that you like. I tried these mirchi bhajiyas from our home grown green chilis and they came out so good. You can try these with Jalapeno peppers if you can bare the heat :)

  • Dosa Cakes: I made these out of leftover dosa batter. They came out delicious and I put a good use to leftover dosa batter than throwing it away or freezing it.

  • Haleem: None of Ramadan is complete without making this healthy and delicious Haleem! It is a MUST for Ramadan!
  • Bread Pakora: Another easy-peasy recipe for a quick Iftar Item... You can make this along with Aloo Vadas as they need similar filling.

  • Corn Chaat: Who doesn't like tangy, sweet, and crispy item for iftar. Try this healthy corn chaat and you will fall in love with it.

  • Katori Chaat - Another delicious chaat item. Though it takes a bit longer to make than corn chaat but plan accordingly and you will love it!
  •  Nargis Kababs: These are all time favorites on the streets of Juhapura, Ahmedabad. I first tried it there and fell in love with it and why not? These are my Mother in Law's Favorite Kababs... :)
  • Pani Puri: I don't think I have to say anything for this delicious dish... :)

  • Shami Kabab: These are also for meat lovers - made out of lamb meat instead of chicken...

None of the Iftar is complete without something to drink, that too a something sweet!!! Here is my collection of beverages that you can make to fill in your iftar tables...

  • Chikoo Milkshake: Made out of dried chikoos, you can also use frozen chikoos instead.

  • Mango Milkshake: So this year's Ramadan is in summer and we can enjoy fresh mangos but do try out this milkshake for your iftar.

  • Watermelon Juice: This is my all time favorite juice. Squeezed right out of fresh melon... Love it!

Sending these reciepes to Ramadan Friendly Recipes event hosted by The Halal Foodie and to Joy From Fast to Feasting - V Event hosted by Yummy Food.


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wow az, thts quite a collection of yummy recipes, I wish I was your neighbor ;) thanks for sending all these to my event and thanks for using the logo :) you rock !!!

Nice, lot of delicious dishes. Happy Ramadan.

Thanks for the visit and lovely words.
Wow, you have nice collections of Ramadan recipes.

Mouthwatering collection of recipes have bookmarked few..Ramadan kareem dear.

Lovely blog.....worth a try recipes...thanks for visiting my space and following....happy to follow you...

Yummy collection of recipes..
Thanks for visiting my space and leaving lovely comments..

Shabbu's Tasty Kitchen

This collection has got me hungry!

Nice blog! Keep sharing your awesome Ramadan Recipes .

Cheers and hugs,


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