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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Samosa - Ramadan Special

Ramandan is almost here but the preparation for this festival has been going on for months in my house and my heart. I always look forward to the month of Ramadan not only because of the good food we make but also because this is the best way to purify my heart and my body. Through the fasting, I feel like my body goes through an entire cleansing process and through all the prayers and reading the Quran it purifies my heart and soul. It is the best month out of the entire year. Our Prophet (SAW) has said that it is someones bad luck if they don't take full advantage of this month.

The devil (shaitan) is looked up in hell for this month and a true believer will submit to Allah (swt) in a true manner this month. This is so true, 'cause if you ask me to fast for a single day in any other months besides Ramadan, it would be impossible for me; but the month of Ramadan it is so easy and only Allah (swt) makes it easy for me. Regardless of the cold winter or hot summer; regardless of the fast being 6 hours long or 14 hours long... its always easy. This year it will fall in mid-July to mid-August. The hottest months of the year in Boston area; but I know for sure that it will be easy for a true believer!

Coming to the other part of Ramadan - Food!!!

We are not supposed to eat or drink from Sunrise to Sunset. This means that when sunsets we all eat a delicious spread of fruits, snacks, meals, and desserts! There are some dishes that are specially made in Ramadan, like this Haleem and Nihari. Samosas are one of the most endearing snack that you would find at any Southeast Asia Iftar (breaking the fast time). These are easy to make, you can make loads of them and freeze it. When you are working and/or do million things together (like me:) ), this is the best item to make for a quick snack or serve at a surprise visits of guests.

It may look complicated to make, just like I felt for Nachos, but once your are on it, you are on the roll!

  1. TYJ Spring Roll Pastry Sheets (2 Packages)
  2. Two pounds goat meat - grounded, cleaned, and washed
  3. Seven medium sized onions - finely chopped
  4. 17 small green chilies - finely chopped
  5. A bunch of cilantro - finely chopped
  6. Two-three stems of mint leaves - finely chopped
  7. Salt per taste
  8. Three tblsp ginger-garlic paste
  9. Half tblsp garam masala
  10. Turmeric powder - 1 tsp
  11. Two tblsp cooking oil
  12. For sticking the sheets - two tblsp all purpose flour, mixed with three tblsp of warm water (making a thick paste)
  1. In a deep pan, heat cooking oil, and add ground meat.
  2. Mix in to the meat, ginger garlic paste, garam masala, salt, and turmeric powder.
  3. Cook meat till all the water evaporates and meat becomes dry.
  4. Switch off gas and let it cool.
  5. In a cheese cloth put the chopped onion, green chilies, cilantro, and mint leaves (You may want to do this in batches).
  6. Squeeze out all the excess water. (The more water is squeezed out the better mixture will be made).
  7. Mix together dried onion mixture into the meat mixture.
  8. Mix well with hands.
  9. Keep it aside and start making samosas.
  10. Take the pastry sheets and divide it into four rectangular lengthwise (as show in the picture above).
  11. Take one sheet, and fold it into a triangular shape.
  12. Fill the triangle with kheema (meat) mixture.
  13. Fold out the remaining sheet in a triangular form making a samosa.
  14. In the last portion of the sheet, add the flour mixture and stick it to close out the samosa.
  15. Repeat the process with the remaining sheets - this will make about a 150 samosas!!!!!!
  16. Place the samosas in a ziploc bag side by side and freeze them.
  17. 15 minutes prior to frying the samosas, take them out from freezer and spread it on a tissue paper, while heating the oil in a deep pan.
  18. Deep fry the samosa till golden brown and serve hot with ketchup and green chutney.

Sending this Ramadan Friendly Recipe event hosted by The Halal Foodie...


22 Zayekedar Views!!!: crispy n yummy looking samosa..inviting pictures!!

Az, they look perfect, mouth watering and I really appreciate you using the logo JAK

Awesome... thanks for sharing this recipe . I love to make this.
when is ramadan 2012

mouthwatering clicks !! So near still can't take it from the screen

wow.. looks so perfect as store bought.. I am feeling hungry now

Thanks Sangeetha and Julie

Thanks Rahin for hosting such a wonderful event! I want others to know as well! Good luck!

Kristy - Ramandan is suppose to start either July 19 or 20.

Thanks Divya for following me. Heading over to your blog now.

Hamaree Rasoi - I feel the same way when I am at your blog :)

Spice up the Curry - Thanks!

Beautiful. Nice detailed photographs. Have to get some frozen samosa patties from the market soon.

Wow can't take my eyes off the pics...I wish I could be in the last pics hahahah!!!Yes and glad to know more about the holy month!!

Ramadan is a great way to cleanse your body mind and soul... Samosa's look great...I love them.

Have a joful iftar moments...Nice recipe.

Delicious samosa. I like that you used spring roll wrappers.

Delicious and crispy samosas..

aaaah! your samosas look way better than mine :)

Hello..nice recipes here..

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I love samosa, i just can't find a store in my town to buy the wrapper. anyway, nice entry for the Ramadan Recipes . Hope you win, good luck.

Cheers and hugs!

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