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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Shami Kabab Burger

It's been raining a lot lately, which is really good, however I really miss the 'summer weather'. I really hope that this summer doesn't turn out to be a rainy one like we had the year before. I want to be able to do BBQs, hang out at the beach, do picnics and all the other summer fun stuff before Ramadan, which is scheduled to start July 20th. So I really want this weather to improve up a little bit and then it can rain as much as it wants during Ramadan to make our fasting easy going :)... talk about selfishness man!

So Ramadan is coming up and we are all gearing up for it. Not only spiritually but also deliciously!! After a couple of random posts I will be posting over all the dishes that are very popular during Ramadan in our household and will share the recipe and other stories with you all.. so look forward to this space!!!

I made some Shami Kababs for a dinner party few weeks ago and had some left, so during one of the weekdays, I made these shami kabab burgers which weren't just filing but very delicious as well. Dear Hubby kept asking for more but I only had a few shami kababs left. This is a simple and filling snack that is worth trying!

Check out my Kheema Shami Kabab recipe here and Chicken Shami Kabab recipe here. You can use either one of these kababs to make these burgers. I used the kheema shami kababs.

  1. Two - four leftover shami kababs
  2. Two burger buns (I use the Pepperidge Farm ones, they are so soft!)
  3. Half cup shredded lettuce
  4. Two to three slices of onions
  5. Two tblsp Chipotle Mayonnaise
  6. Cheese (optional)
  1. Place some cheese on one side of the bun and toast till cheese melts away. (You can skip the cheese and just toast the buns).
  2. Spread one tblsp of chipotle mayonnaise on the non cheese bun.
  3. Place shami kababs, lettuce, and onion.
  4. Place the cheesed bun on top and enjoy!

So easy, yet so delicious!


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Delicious burgers, love that you used leftovers to make this dish.

Beautiful looking it.

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