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Monday, September 14, 2009

Iftar Party - Chicken & Cheese Sandwich - PART 2

Preparation Time: 30 Minutes Food Type: Tea time snack, kid’s variety, Iftar item Cuisine Type: Fusion Materials: 1. One small cup of Chicken Shami Kabab mixture – see recipe here. 2. One beaten egg 3. Half a cup bread crumb, for coating 4. Oil for frying 5. Two slices of bread 6. One slice of American cheese 7. Lettuce – cut in small pieces – optional 8. Mayonnaise & ketchup – optional Process: 1. After the chicken shami kabab mixture cools down, make a small triangle shaped patties. (you can use shape cutter or make it by hand, either way its easy) 2. Cut the two bread slices diagonally from both sides – so that you have four small triangles from each slice of the bread – keep aside. 3. Note: make sure that the size of your chicken patties is consistent with the size of the cut bread slices. 4. Cut the American cheese in the same size as well. 5. Take the chicken patties, dip in the egg, roll over in bread crumb and deep fry in oil till golden brown. 6. Take one triangle slice of bread put some mayo & ketchup; put the fried pattie on top; a piece of lettuce; a piece of American cheese and close it down with the second slice of the bread. 7. You can grill these small sandwiches in a grill or on slightly fry it on the stove or serve it the way it is.
These turned out to be everyone’s favorites… do try them – they will be great for kids….

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