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Monday, September 14, 2009

Iftar Party - Bhel - PART 3

Preparation Time: 10 Minutes Food Type: Tea time snack, chaat, Iftar item Cuisine Type: Indian & Pakistani Materials: 1. One package of mixed chevda (available in Indian store) 2. One and a half red onions – finely chopped 3. One and a half tomato – finely chopped 4. A bunch of fresh coriander – finely chopped 5. Date and imli chutney – according to your needs. 6. One big boiled potato 7. A pinch of turmeric powder 8. Salt to taste 9. Oil for shallow fry Process: 1. Mash up the boiled potato, add turmeric powder, salt and a few leaves of chopped coriander – mix well. 2. Make a small round patties out of the potato mixture – however many you can make (the more the better) 3. Heat a frying pan and shallow fry the patties. 4. In a big bowl mix together, chevda, red onions, tomatos, chutney, potato patties and coriander. 5. It tastes better if you mix it with hand instead of a spoon. 6. Serve immediately. Note: if you leave the Bhel for more than half hour it will get soggy, so mix it only when you are planning to eat it in few minutes.

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Perfect and yummy. Congrats on being featured in EC's blog. Do visit my blog when time permits.

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