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Friday, September 4, 2009

Chicken Wrap

What a beautiful day we had in late August, which is usually very unusual for New England weather. There was a small get together held by one of the nearby city’s mosque in a farm. It was open to public, so we all decided to go. However, due to the fact that we would only consume halal food, we wondered if the place will have anything halal that we could eat. Time was short and we had to make something real fast for seven people and something easy to eat in a farm/garden. I went ahead and put my cooking hat on and started to think what we can make in just two hours that we had left. My mom and sister in law (SIL) were just blabbering out different dishes – dal vada (no – it will get cold), noodles (we are going to a garden – not a candle light dinner), tuna sandwich (unfortunately there are three people in the house who are fan of this), aloo parathe (no – it will get cold), etc etc [do not worry readers, I will soon post all these recipes for you]. I knew we had some chapattis left over from the breakfast and we were going to make chicken in the evening so my mom had already marinated it (overnight!!). I told everyone to relax and that I have some recipe in my mind that would work and told everyone to get ready and get all the picnic materials that we will need and leave me alone in the kitchen. Boy, was it the easiest recipe that I ever came up with. All seven wraps were done in less than 1 hour and I must say everyone enjoyed it to the fullest. AG & JK just couldn’t stop talking about it and telling to make it again next weekend…
Preparation time: 45 mins to 1 hour
Food Type: Lunch box item, picnic
Cuisine Type: Mixture of Indian, American & Mexican Cuisine
Materials: 1. Two chicken breast – cut in small cubes, 2. One and half tsp red chili powder 3. One tsp dhaniya powder 4. One tsp garlic-ginger paste 5. Half tsp turmeric powder 6. Salt per taste 7. Red food color – a pinch 8. Juice of half lemon 9. Seven fresh chapatis 10. Mayonnaise and ketchup 11. Onion – thinly sliced 12. Tomato – thinly sliced 13. Lettuce – shredded 14. Seven American cheese slices 15. Oil for fry 16. Panini Press Grill for grilling Process: 1. Mix together items 1 through 7 and marinate for two hours. 2. Heat oil in a pan or wok and deep fry chicken pieces until reddish brown. 3. Take a chapatti and put on a layer of mayonnaise with a spoon, put five to seven chicken pieces on top, put a layer of onion, then tomato, then lettuce, a little ketchup and the American cheese. 4. Roll over the chapatti to make a wrap, like a burrito. 5. Turn on the Panini Press Grill and grill the wrap till the green light goes on. 6. Repeat the same process for remaining chapattis 7. NOTE: you can grill two wraps at once in the Panini Press Grill. 8. Serve hot.

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