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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

No Bake Mango Cheese Cake

I am eagerly waiting for the warm weather visit our neck of the wood - Why? Well first of all I am not really a winter type of girl; second, we can do a lot of other FUN things in summer time compared to winter (for example, enjoy lazy afternoons, Bar-B-Q, Parties and get together, and much much more!!!); however, the MAIN thing that I like to do, just like many of you out there, is to munch on delicious, flavorful, juicy mangoes ... 

However, there few things that doesn't stop you having this delicious fruit off season. One of the reasons would be this delicious post by Nags the author of Edible Garden. I could not help myself but try this cheese cake recipe. It came out fabulous but I could have done few things differently. Like:

1. Nags used gelatin, I didn't have any halal gelatin available, so I used China Grass instead. I should have used more, because the top layer didn't really settle as I had expected. 
2. Nags used Honey maid crackers, whereas I used Marie Biscuit. I should have used a little bit more so that I would have had a better bottom layer. 

Click here for the original recipe... If you haven't visited her blog yet, please do so... you will fall in love with her blog!! In the meanwhile... enjoy these clicks!!!


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lovely captures...wanna try this refreshing drink soon..:)

Tasty Appetite

Looks lovely and china grass is a wonderful substitute for gelatin. I used it too when I make cheesecakes.

This looks so delicious and tempting dish.
Nice clicks too

thanks so much for trying it :)

wow..looks so yummy..beautifully presented..superb!!

Delicious it looks anything with mango

nice pictures of mango cheesecake

That is a yummy & tempting recipe indeed!!!

That's a beautiful dessert, with my favorite fruit :)

delicious inviting dessert.

delicious dessert. yummy too..

I had bookmarked this from edible garden, since I was a vegetarian then I had thought of using china grass instead of gelatin. But before I could try it I turned Vegan now I need to find Vegan substitutes for Cheese before I try it out... Your clicks are tempting me to try it soon... :)

Looks super yum! I would love to have it now :)

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