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Friday, June 11, 2010

Chickpea & Red Kidney Bean Salad

Hello All!!

Hope things are going great with everyone of you... some of my fellow bloggers friends have been showered by awards (Congratulations!!)... some of them are on vacation - enjoying the nice weather... some of them are busy hosting events and a lot of my non-blogger friends are just having a great time with friends and families this summer season... Summer is officially not here yet but it sure feels like it...

Like I had said in my previous post that the Mother Nature has been very generous to us this year and it feels great!!! However given the heat that the weather generates it, at times, is hard to stand in the kitchen and prepare a full blown meal... resulting in me trying to cut down my standing time in kitchen as well as make something fast and delicious enough so that everyone else in the household likes it...
Last week, I made this quick chickpeas and red kidney beans salad for lunch... came out great but the best part was that everyone else liked it too... and it serves as perfect afternoon meal for this kind of weather...


> One and a half cup chickpeas - soaked overnight and boiled. > Half a cup red kidney beans (rajma) - soaked overnight and boiled. > One medium onion - chopped (it is best to use red onion but I didn't had any available). > One medium tomato - chopped. > Half bell pepper - chopped. > 2-3 strings of coriander - finely chopped. > 3 mint leaves - finely chopped. > 1/2 tsp chaat masala. > One and a half tblsp lime juice. > One tblsp vinegar. > Crushed red peppers - 1/2 tsp. > Salt - per taste


Mix all the ingredients listed above and serve at room temperature with juice.


7 Zayekedar Views!!!:

super healthy salad...bright n colourful pics

Hey this reminds me of chaats :) Looks yumm :) Please take your circle of fren award from my blog dear :)

Very delicious and healthy salad!

Salad looks wonderful and healthy...

Very tasty and tangy salad. Healthy too

Hamaree Rasoi

Healthy, colourful salad presented in a lovely bowl:-)

WOWWWW what a healthy combi that is....really nice pics and colorful salad i feel...

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