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Tuesday, April 27, 2010


I Love Love Love burritos and can have it anytime of the day... including breakfast.. I can never have it enough... :)

  1. 1 can of pinto beans ( I usually use the Goya one)
  2. 2 tortillas (I get plain ones)
  3. Shredded cheese (I get a shredded three cheese packages from the Supermarket which clearly indicates that it can be used for burritos)
  4. One small onion - chopped finely
  5. One small tomato - chopped finely
  6. Half bell pepper - chopped finely
  7. A bunch of fresh coriander - chopped finely
  8. Two tblsp of lime juice
  9. Sour cream (optional)
  10. Salt per taste
  1. Empty the can of pinto beans in a bowl and wash it with cold running water.
  2. Boil about 2 cups of water and add in washed pinto beans, along with salt and let it cook while you do the following.
  3. Mix in onion, tomato, bell pepper, coriander, lime juice and salt to prepare salsa.
  4. Place tortilla on a panini maker, sprinkle shredded cheese, fold in half and let the tortilla warm and cheese to melt. (Note - this should only take about a minute or two)
  5. Open up the tortilla and place it on a foil paper
  6. Scoop out pinto beans from water using a sieve (chalni) - make sure all the water is drained out.
  7. Place it on tortilla on top of melted cheese
  8. Add in a layer of sour cream on top of beans
  9. Add in a layer of salsa on top of sour cream - (after this step, it should look something like the picture below)
  10. Wrap around the tortilla and then wrap around the foil paper (I used the absorbent paper and foil paper)
  11. Serve hot!!!


5 Zayekedar Views!!!:

Lovely burrito and love the marks on the top!I am a burrito maniac too.

I have never tasted burrito before. I'm quite interested of it when I read this recipe.

I love burritos too :-) and this is a filling I'll love,never tried with coriander leaves

@CL - the marks are from panini press that I used to melt the cheese... glad you liked it!!

@IFB - you must try it.. it's not just a treat to your mouth but also to your body as it's full of protein

@Gulmohar - a chef had once told me that a dish is not called Mexican until it has some fresh coriander in it... so mostly all my Mexican dishes have fresh coriander...

wow, completely a new recipe n interesting too...def gonna give a try. First time here. glad to follow u. Do drop in at my blog sometime.

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