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Friday, April 22, 2011

Happy Earth Day!!!

Happy Birthday Dear Earth!!

For how long I have been meant to tell you this but never did… better late than never…

Thank you for giving us those beautiful flowers every spring.
Thank you for giving us those yummilicious and healthy fruits and vegetables.
Thank you for making our galaxy look beautiful with your presence.
Thank you for making the rain as you are indirectly involved in the process.
Thank you for giving us lots of minerals that we can use to make our lives easier.
Thank you for giving us a place to live in this universe.

There are times when we don’t appreciate you.

Most time than not, we don’t realize how important you are to our daily lives.
You have shown your anger at us through earthquakes, volcano eruptions, and tsunamis.
Your anger is just and the Humans owe you big time.
I am sure as generations pass by, they will be more aware of it than we are at this time.

I just wanted to tell you how amazing you are and am very thankful to you for who you are. And to teach us Humans a great lesson in life – to give without expecting anything in return.

Above all, I Thank you Allah (swt), for making the earth for us and making it so beautiful and accessible and helpful for the mankind. More often than not, I forget to Thank you as well. I take this opportunity to Thank You for what have given me in this life, and I hope and pray that rewards for me in the life hereafter are as great, so long as I believe in You and the messenger Mohammad (S.A.W) and I pray for you and none other.

Picture Credit: Google Images for Earth Day.

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That is a nice post there. Happy earth day.

hi ,
you have a coool blog nice recipes,mehandi designs...will try ur recipes and let u know. is my blog drop by when u get time.would like to hear from u..
Thanks in advance

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