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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Bollywood & Indian Culture

 This post has nothing to do with food. This post is about one thing that I am really proud of "Indian Culture" or "Bhartiya Sabhyata". When I came to States I was/am very proud to say that I am ORIGINALLY from India. The minute I say that, people would pound me with questions about our food, culture and BOLLYWOOD. I would always get to hear things like "Oh.. I love samosas!!"; "I love bollywood movies with all those songs, dance and colors!!!"; "Oh.. I love the dress you are wearing... what is it called"; "Oh I love spicy food!!" and much more... .this would make me feel so GOOD!! 

However now, at times, I am ashamed of my own country. Last night I watched the newest release of Bollywood, Badmash Company, starring Shahid Kapoor and Anushka Sharma. Within the first half an hour of the movie, there is a scene where Anushka and Shahid have a coffee and Shahid tries to pay the bill... Anushka stops him saying this, "F off yaar, don't give this shit of I am girl and all that..." I was so shocked. At this point I could only imagine how this dialogue has impacted the minds of millions of the teenage girls in India who ended up thinking that "Oh saying the F word and S word is so 'cool' and a nice way to impress boys"... I am very heart broken on how Bollywood is representing Indian Culture - or let me rephrase it to say "how not" representing Indian Culture...

It's hard to sit and watch a film with the whole family where the actresses now a days are at their best in doing skin show and there are so many intimate scenes that are not even required but are in the movie just to attract public. There were times when the Director wants to show a kissing scene in the movie, they would show two flowers close to together or rain or birds flying freely... This was understood by audience as to what was going on... now there is literally a whole kissing scene in the movie making everyone of us (me, mom and SIL) so embarrassed if my Dad or brother or hubby is around...

It really hurts to say that majority of the Indian population is now getting westernized but not in a good way... they are picking everything that's bad about Western side of the world. If you do want to get westernized then increase awareness of people about environment, different cultures, be more open-minded, improve gov't systems; not by saying F & S word, or showing skin, or promoting sex through media...

NOTE:  These are just my views and you do not have to fully agree with them. This post is not target the particular movie mentioned above. This post is not referring to or targeted towards a group of media, people, or gov't in specific. These are just my views in general of what I have known or seen about Bollywood and My Culture.

Do let me know what you think about Bollywood and Indian Culture - how it's good or bad and your views in general. Please be generous in leaving your comments. Thanks!!!!

Photo credit: Badmash Company: Google Images; Indian Culture: via google images.

2 Zayekedar Views!!!:

I like the Indian culture. Its very unique compared to other countries.

Regarding the films, its true. U cannot watch movies with the whole family. Its too embarrassing. Now my son knows when to change the channel when such scenes occur. He is now 6.
The actresses now a days does anything to get money. There are too many of them in this field and more glamorous means more money. So they do all sorts of non sense.
I wonder 'don't they watch these movies with their family." I don't understand.
There is no end to such things.Everything will worsen.

That's true Az,movies create a great impact in common man's life. Every teenage boy or girl their role model will be the current top movie star. Whoever don't have their right thinking, close their eyes and follow the movie stars.
It's good that you have shared your thoughts.
Happy to follow you.

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