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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

My first blog

Salam, Hello & Namastey to all readers: Welcome to Desi Zayeka!!! For those who are unaware of the terms – Desi practically refers to anything from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal and Tibet; Zayeka meaning ‘taste’. It is now self explanatory as to what this blog is about – yes, you guessed it right!!! It relates of my culinary experience which is consists of mostly Desi food, however, because I have been in States for over a decade, I do try out a lot American, Italian, Mexican and Middle Eastern dishes. Overall this blog represents “MY” culinary experience. I would like to confess at this point that I am not such a great cook as my mom and my mom-in-law (bade ammi) is. They are one of the best cooks I have ever seen in my life – not only that but they can manage to cook for 40-50 people in just few hours. They are great cook as well as great in managing their time according to the day’s schedule – something that I am never able to do. All of my Desi receipes comes from my mom’s and bade ammi’s kitchen. All of my non-desi receipes are experiments done by me – trying to out smart mom and bade ammi (You believed me… no I am just kidding… I can never out smart them two!!!!)….. …… Disclaimer: All the receipes posted on this blog are made by me and tested at my home by two judges, my husband – AG and my brother JK. The measures of spices and raw materials used in all receipes are set according to AG’s and JK’s (and, of course, rest of the family member’s) taste buds and they by no means may relate to your taste buds. Please use the spices and other materials in accordance with your need and taste buds.

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