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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Shahi Raan - repost

I am reposting this entry and sending this over to Joyful Eating Whilst Traveling  Event hosted by Jagruti of Joy of Cooking

Ohh... where do I start... This topic/name brings a lot of memories with it. When I got engaged with AG, he always used to talk about this restaurant in India, which serves Shahi Raan.. you have to place the order two days in advance..

I went to India for the first time after our wedding, last year in July. All of AG's friend invited us over to the same restaurant and we had this special dish - it was one of kind... I had never had something like this ever before... The meat was so soft that it would melt as soon as it makes it to one's mouth... the texture, the taste and the aromatic smell... you actually have to be there in order to feel it... Here are the two snap shots:

Since then I was planning to make this dish, but I just never had the courage to do so. Last weekend, with the help of my mom, I was able to finally make this dish:


1. One small goat raan
2. One medium raw papaya, cut in strips
3. Two tblsp red chilies powder
4. One and half tblsp dhaniya powder
5. Two tblsp ginger-garlic powder
6. Salt to taste
7. One tblsp lemon juice
8. One tblsp oil


1. Mix and rub all the spices from #3 - #8 above on raan.
2. Cover the full raan with the raw papaya.
3. Leave the raan to marinade for atleast two days.
4. Heat the oven at 450 degrees (Fahrenheit)
5. Remove papaya strips from the raan.
6. Place the raan in a baking tray.
7. Let it cook for 90 minutes - keep checking it in between.
8. Serve hot with white rice, naan or roti.

 I served this along with peas pulao, salad and raita (recipe coming soon)...  I also decorated it with tomato flowers... (a video coming soon)
It wasn't exactly same as the one we had in India, but close enough.. I am sure I, along with my mom's help, can do much better next time...


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First time here.....You have a lovely space here.

Yummy mutton raan...tempting pics:).

Hi AZ,
ur blog has nice non veg recipes.. liked lauki too with chana dal.. urs looks delicious with gravy..

Lovely space dear.Stumbled here from Easy Crafts. The goat raan look fabulous!The roses look perfect as a garnish. I once made 2 tomato roses and they looked awful. So I haven't posted it yet cause of those awful roses I made.
Anywayz, let me be your first follower.
Stop by my space, when yo have time for some okay-ish recipes.

Thanks Latha!!

Hi Uma.. I am glad you liked my blog and recipes!!!

Thanks a lot Cool Lassi(e) ... I will soon post a video of tomato roses...Thank you for being my follower!!!

Lovely space dear, stumbled here thru easycrafts...shall soon drop in..

That looks delicious, nice blog!

Hey AZ
Lovely recipe and I like Phir bhi dil hai hindustani:)) thanx for sending it to my event!!

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